Spirit of Africa

Egypt, Museum of the Sun Rook
The sun boat is a boat on which the sun god Ra with other gods "transported the sun from east to west." There were two rooks, as it were, the…

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Tunisian exotic: other beaches of the Mediterranean
It's time to dust the beaten paths of Egypt and Turkey and somewhat diversify your vacation. If you want exotic, and your native Ukrainian open spaces are bored enough, then…

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Botswana: Not Only Desert
Once deserted Botswana was one of the most backward countries in the world and lived only through livestock. But in the 70s of the last century, deposits of diamonds were…

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Botswana: Not Only Desert

Once deserted Botswana was one of the most backward countries in the world and lived only through livestock. But in the 70s of the last century, deposits of diamonds were discovered here – and Botswana has changed forever. This country with the highest standard of living of all African countries promised us new amazing discoveries – and did not deceive.

Day one or two. Maun. City of Grooms
In Maui, get all those who are interested in Botswana safari, that is, all tourists. Many stay here for the night, some immediately fly by private jets to those isolated places, thanks to which Botswana is known as the last wild corner of southern Africa. The country’s government welcomes only upscale and high-budget tourism. Continue reading

City of masters

The style of Tunisian hotels repeats the architectural forms of local cities. Fifty kilometers south of Monastir begins the resort area of ​​Mahdi with its virgin beaches. This town is known in the past as a pirate nest. Mahdia has always been famous for the mysterious tradition of fishing in the moonlight. But even more – with wonderful products: embroidery and fabrics. Silk fabrics are traditionally made by men. Walking along the narrow streets of the old city, you will often admire the masterpieces of gold and silver threads created manually by real artists in their tiny workshops.

The boundless white beaches of Cape Africa, on which Mahdia is located, crystal clear waters, a modern tourist area surrounded by greenery, will conquer the adherents of a relaxing comfortable holiday, as well as scuba diving enthusiasts. Continue reading

Tunisia: Desert Rose

One of the first points on the path of conquering the African continent is Tunisia. A country in which there is an ancient history, and the Mediterranean Sea, and white beaches, and mirages of the Sahara, and thalassotherapy centers. There is simply no time to be bored there!

Tunisia has several resort cities where you can relax. We will introduce you to the benefits of some of them. And you have to choose where to spend your vacation.

Oops, oops, Africa, like Europe!
Remembering the name of the capital of Tunisia is very easy, because it is called Tunisia. And the first impression of this city: yes it is almost Europe! Continue reading

Tours to Egypt

Recently, tourists from Russia have most often been on vacation in the country of the pyramids and the sun – Egypt. One can find an explanation for this, Egypt in terms of the number of tourists equaled Turkey – a favorite vacation spot for Russians. Egypt, like Turkey, is also visa-free and hotels there are just as inexpensive and offer all-inclusive holidays.

Egypt has a number of advantages that distinguish it from Turkey itself. Firstly, due to the fact that most Russians have a rest there, they recommend Egyptian hotels to their friends when they return, they like the service, food, etc. Secondly, Egypt is a year-round destination and you can swim there all year round, the best time for Egypt, spring and autumn, when in many popular countries of beach holidays, swimming is cold. Continue reading

Political instability in the country as a negative factor in the development of the tourist sphere of the country (for example, the countries of North Africa) p3

Consider the dynamics of tourism activity of the world’s population in the period from 1995-2009 pp. As can be seen from the graph, from 1995 to 2000 there is a stable increase in tourist activity of the population, period 2000 – 2003 pp. is characterized by a certain neutral stability, and the time period from 2003 to 2008 is in rapid growth. We can then observe a period of slight recession caused by the global financial crisis and a subsequent period of growth since 2010. Continue reading

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