Celebrating March 8 in Hurghada
On March 8, I decided to buy a ticket for a week-long vacation to Hurghada as a gift to my wife. However, I did not do this through a travel…

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Top 10 most interesting sights of Tunisia (part 1)
Tunisia is one of the most popular holiday destinations in North Africa. Of course, he is still far from Egypt, but tourists are attracted by relatively low prices, gorgeous sandy…

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Advantages and disadvantages of vacation in Egypt
Egypt Wherever you rest after such trips, every vacationer has different impressions and memories, which are sometimes different. Consider some of the positions about the advantages and disadvantages of vacationing…

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Tunisia: Desert Rose

One of the first points on the path of conquering the African continent is Tunisia. A country in which there is an ancient history, and the Mediterranean Sea, and white beaches, and mirages of the Sahara, and thalassotherapy centers. There is simply no time to be bored there!

Tunisia has several resort cities where you can relax. We will introduce you to the benefits of some of them. And you have to choose where to spend your vacation.

Oops, oops, Africa, like Europe!
Remembering the name of the capital of Tunisia is very easy, because it is called Tunisia. And the first impression of this city: yes it is almost Europe! Continue reading

Egyptian traditions

Arriving in any country, it is interesting for everyone to get acquainted not only with local attractions, but also with national cuisine, life, character, traditions of local residents.

Egypt is a country of established traditions and interesting customs, which is why tours to Egypt are so popular among our fellow citizens. Muslim faith has a huge impact on the family and society of the Egyptians. The basis of secular legislation in Egypt is formed by a set of norms of Muslim law – Sharia, which, however, operates in a relaxed form. So, in Egypt they refused such strict punishments as cutting off a hand for theft. Attempts are being made to bring sharia and modern law closer together. Continue reading

Impact of international tourism on the economy of North Africa

Tourism has a significant place in international relations. About 500 million people visit foreign countries annually for tourism purposes. International tourism is not only a popular holiday destination but also an emerging area of ​​the world economy [1].

In the economy of an individual country, international tourism performs a number of important functions:

– is a source of foreign exchange earnings for the country and a means of securing employment;
– expands investment in the balance of payments and GNP of the country;
– promotes diversification of the economy, creating industries that serve the tourism sector;
– With increasing employment in tourism, the incomes of the population increase and the level of welfare of the nation increases. Continue reading

Tours to Egypt
Recently, tourists from Russia have most often been on vacation in the country of the pyramids and the sun - Egypt. One can find an explanation for this, Egypt in…


Features of rest in Egypt
Features of rest in Egypt On the African continent in its northern part is the state of Egypt. In the north, its territory is washed by the waters of the…


Seychelles: New Year's Marlin
It was here, in the area of ​​Aldabra Atoll, that Jacques-Yves Cousteau directed his film The World of Silence, which brought him worldwide fame. It was here, near the island…


Top 10 most interesting sights of Tunisia (part 2)
The color of Africa. La Gulette is another place for travelers, unfortunately often overlooked by them. This name is the local port, for many guests it is only the starting…