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Kenya Attractions

The African continent has always been a mystery to a large number of travelers and explorers. In recent years, most countries of this continent began to gain popularity among tourists. Kenya also belongs to such countries, which has gained its popularity thanks to its unique wildlife. In Kenya, there are national parks that attract many tourists. But not only Kenya is famous for its parks, its distinctive cities, with their ancient history, are of great interest to many tourists.

Kenya’s attractions include its wild, untouched nature, nature reserves, national parks, mountains and numerous beaches. In the cities of Kenya, of particular interest are the old city districts, where they are well preserved in numerous ancient structures.

Nairobi city

In order to attract tourist flows, the country’s leadership began to pay much attention to the development of tourism infrastructure. Tourists are offered tours to Kenya 2017, in which you can take part in mountain hikes, go diving in the coastal waters of the Indian Ocean, fly on balloons and the most important highlight for tourists is to participate in the local safari.

Among the many cities in Kenya, travelers and tourists are especially interested in its capital, the city of Nairobi. Not far from the capital is Nairobi National Park. The park gained its popularity due to its rich and unique wildlife. The park enjoys its popularity not only among tourists, but also among the many local residents who come from the capital on weekends to relax in nature.

Nairobi National Park

The park is home to approximately 80 species of mammals and more than 500 species of birds. The park is also known for the fact that there is the only shelter in the country for orphaned elephants.

One hundred kilometers from Nairobi is the world-famous geological zone of the East African Rift Fault, known as the Rift Valley. You will not find such a phenomenon anywhere in the world. This zone is a tectonic region with a low relief. In the numerous recesses of the area you can see the amazing beauty of the lake. Also here are long extinct volcanoes, limited by faults of the earth’s crust.

Among the attractions of great interest is a small reserve located at the very foot of an extinct volcano. Here, at an altitude of 1880 meters above sea level, the sacred lake of the Maasai people – Naivasha is located. This reservoir is inhabited by a large herd of hippos and about 350 species of birds. In a remote, hidden corner of Kenya is Lake Baringo, where numerous bird species and various fish species live in its range. And on the island of Crescent lives the rarest bird of the continent – the African eagle.

Masai sacred lake – Naivasha

Among the many national parks, the Masai Mara Park is among the most famous. During a park safari, tourists can watch the many lion prides. Every year, tens of thousands of cloven-hoofed animals migrate through the territory of the park, which the indefinable force of nature drives through these places. This is an amazing sight, which undoubtedly can be attributed to the most mystical and unique natural phenomena of the African continent.

Kenya is noteworthy for the fact that many protected areas are located near lakes, including the National Park of Lake Elmenteyta, then the “Jade Sea” near Lake Turkana. This lake is one of the most saline on our planet.

Turkana Lake

The Nakuru Lake System National Park is also of interest. In the park, millions of flocks of amazing beauty of pink flamingos found their refuge. You can not ignore such national parks of Kenya as Aberdare, Watamu, Tsavo, Amboseli, Meru and several others.

Among the main attractions of the country are also numerous monuments created by the hands of local residents. So on the island of Lamu you can see the ancient Swahili settlement, which has survived to our times.

Until 1906, the capital of Kenya was the city of Mombasa. The city is notable for being one of the oldest and richest ports. Near Mombasa, you can see the ruins of the city of Gedi, which existed in the XIII-XVII centuries. On the ruins of the city you can see the remains of the palace, the foundation of an ancient mosque, the remains of the central gate of the city. Surprisingly, the city’s buildings were built from coral reefs.

Mombasa city

The cities of Kenya are adorned with amazing beauty of temples, mosques and museums. Of these, the National Museum of Kenya, the Museum of the First President of Kenya Jomo Kenyatta, the Railway Museum and a number of other attractions should be noted.

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