Zanzibar Archipelago
In the Indian Ocean, off the eastern coast of Africa, there is an archipelago called Zanzibar. The total number of islands that make up the archipelago is 75. The largest…

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Holidays in Zanzibar
Among experienced tourists, Zanzibar is known as the "African Maldives" - clean sand and amazing waters of the Indian Ocean, complemented by African colors, will give the tourist an unparalleled…

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Zanzibar Archipelago
In the Indian Ocean, off the eastern coast of Africa, there is an archipelago called Zanzibar. The total number of islands that make up the archipelago is 75. The largest…

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The main attractions of Egypt

In recent years, Egypt has consistently remained the leading destination for tourists from all over the world. This is facilitated by a year-round hot climate, affordability of the famous “all inclusive”. In addition, centuries-old pyramids, pagan temples, sculptures of Egyptian gods attract tourists.

Holidays in Turkey, the Emirates, Egypt, Thailand, Vietnam have been very popular lately among our compatriots, but it is Egypt that attracts the lion’s share of tourists with low prices for vacations, many ancient attractions and water activities. We offer you an overview of the main attractions of Egypt.

The pyramids. The business card and highlight of Egypt, of course, are the pyramids.Today in Egypt there are almost a hundred diverse pyramids to visit. They are located in groups on the left western bank of the Nile, close to the ancient location of the capital city of Memphis. On the outskirts of Cairo, on the Giza plateau, there are the most eminent – Cheops, Chefren and Mykerin. At the foot of Giza, you can also see the Great Sphinx.

Pyramids at Giza

Mount Sinai. For pilgrims, Mount Sinai, also called Mount Moses, is a must. According to legend, at its peak the prophet found the Ten Commandments of God. Nowadays, the church of the Holy Trinity stands on the mountain. Even the Sinai Mountains are famous for the five-kilometer looped and rocky Colored Canyon.

Mount Sinai

Cairo is the capital of Egypt. A metropolis that is teeming with sights. Arriving in Cairo, in order to see it from a height, it is imperative to climb the Salladin citadel. Near the citadel it is worth stopping by to see the mosques of Muhammad Ali and Sultan Calaun with minarets as if from lace. For shopaholics, the largest Eastern bazaar, Khan al-Khalili, will seem like a paradise, so there will be few days around it. The Aqueduct, the structure of the Arab University of Al-Azar, will certainly amaze with its representative size.

Cairo – the capital of Egypt

Luxor. For thousands of years there was the capital of Ancient Egypt – Thebes. Reminders of the capital were the exhibits of the Luxor Museum and wonderful buildings: Luxor Temple and the Avenue of the Sphinxes, Karnak Temple; “City of the Dead”, where tourists can see the surviving two statues of the pharaoh, the colossi of Memnon, the temple of Hatshepsut.

Luxor Alley of the Sphinxes

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Alexandria. Alexandria was founded by Alexander of Macedon, and although many states have owned the city over the 2000 years of its existence, the city has preserved many monuments of Greek culture, there is a mausoleum of Alexander the Great. It was here that one of the 7 light caches of Alexandria (Faros) lighthouse was located, earthquakes destroyed it, in the ruins of the 15th century. built the castle of Kite Bay. The mosque of Abu al-Abbas, an ancient example of the culture of the Arabs with a luxurious interior, is noteworthy here.

Abu El Abbas Mosque in Alexandria

Nubia. Nubia, once a neighboring region of Ancient Egypt, is now part of Egypt. In ancient times, they fought with Nubia, slaves were driven from it. Today, tourists travel to the town on the border of Egypt and Sudan – Abu Simbel. The city is famous for the temple of Ramses II with majestic statues 20 meters high and magnificent bas-reliefs.


Port Said. Only in the National Museum of Port Said can you see rare exhibits from the pre-Pharaonic times. Initially, it was this city that should have been decorated with the Statue of Liberty, the first name of which is “The Light of Asia”. But the rulers of Egypt considered the transportation of the monument too expensive, and America gained popularity.

Port Said

Entertainment in Egypt. For children and adult swimmers, the best entertainment in sultry Egypt is water parks. A lot of attractions, pools and slides for children will make an unforgettable family vacation. Divers from all over the world come to Egypt, of course, to the reefs of the Red Sea. After all, only here is the underwater world so rich – turtles, and colorful coral fish, and unicorn fish, and stingrays.

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