Celebrating March 8 in Hurghada
On March 8, I decided to buy a ticket for a week-long vacation to Hurghada as a gift to my wife. However, I did not do this through a travel…

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The most popular resorts in Egypt
When it comes to the resorts of Egypt, many of us can argue that relaxing here is quite comfortable. Egypt as a country is interesting to most tourists and vacationers…

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Seychelles: New Year's Marlin
It was here, in the area of ​​Aldabra Atoll, that Jacques-Yves Cousteau directed his film The World of Silence, which brought him worldwide fame. It was here, near the island…

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Vidpochinok on the sea: why should Varto pohati at Sharm-el-Sheikh

Holidays at sea: why you should go to Sharm el-Sheikh
The Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh stretches for several tens of kilometers along the seashore. The most famous tourist resort area is Naama Bay, the so-called local Vegas, because of the large and diverse entertainment industry. And yet the main treasure that attracts thousands of travelers to the Egyptian coast is, of course, the sea.

Ras Mohammed Reserve
Flocks of colorful fish, coral reef islands visible above the surface of the sea, mangrove trees growing right in the water are just a small part of what can be seen in this national reserve. Ras Mohammed is thought to be one of the most beautiful places in Egypt. And the beauty here can be found not only underwater (coral forests in this reserve is very fond of Jacques Yves Cousteau), but also on land – to take at least the geological faults that were formed as a result of earthquakes.

Ras Mohammed is one of the most beautiful places in Egypt

Nabq Bay Beach
Nabq Bay is approximately 10 kilometers from Sharm el Sheikh Airport. Nabq Bay beaches attract crowds of tourists with their beautiful and comfortable sloping sandy beaches, fabulous corals and fish that live in the sea. In Nabq Bay, the most noticeable times of tides and seas, and at low tide the sea goes quite far.

at Nabq Bay, the most noticeable times of tides are

Naama Bay
Naama Bay is a windless bay, with sandy beaches and coral-cleared bottom. For lovers of swimming in the depths, entry into the sea is possible on pontoons. On live coral reefs you can enjoy the fish. The underwater life of the bay, of course, is not so lively through the artificial beach, but there is still something to see.

you can also enjoy the fish here

Ras Um Bay El Sid Bay
The bay with its beautiful coral reefs is one of the most popular diving spots. Its name means in Arabic from “mother cape”. The famous researcher Jacques Yves Cousteau has included these places in the list of the 10 best in the world. Due to the incredible beauty of the underwater world and the large number of underwater marine life, the sea in the bay area is of great interest to the divers.

the sea in the bay is of great interest to the divers

Reef Gordon
In 1981, a Panamanian dry cargo called “Lovilla” was very unlucky: the ship was stranded (which turned out to be nothing other than Gordon’s Reef). For several days the team tried to rescue the ship, but, as the sailors did not suffer, it was not possible to remove the ship from the shallows. For over 30 years, “Lovilla” has just been sticking out over the sea and is a moose for scuba divers. Gordon Reef itself is huge and home to dozens of species of marine life.

for over 30 years, Lovilla has just been sticking out over the sea

The old market
The old market in Sharm el-Sheikh, despite its name, is considered a relatively new place. There are shopping malls and numerous street cafes that serve up exquisite Arabic, Japanese and European cuisine. Being in the old market, you can buy a lot of useful and beautiful things. In addition to fruits, spices and Arabic sweets, the bazaar is full of cat figurines, papyri, musical instruments and decorations.

in the old market you can buy a lot of useful and beautiful things

City beach
The peculiarity of Sharm el-Maya beach is that it is the only sandy beach (not a bay) in Sharm el-Sheikh, all others are coral, and one cannot walk on it without special shoes. Since the beaches of Sharm el-Sheikh are in a special natural area, it is forbidden to clean the bottom of corals. It is a diver’s paradise, but swimming on such beaches is very difficult and even dangerous – the corals begin almost at the shore.

it’s a diver’s paradise, but it’s really hard to swim here

Water park “Albatross”
Nine multicolored pools and 44 slides with names from which people who are not familiar with the extreme can catch blood in veins: “free fall”, “kamikaze”, “black hole” and “tsunami”, etc.


Hard Rock Cafe Restaurant
A representative of the world-famous cafe network in Naama Bay, one of the favorite places for youth vacations. There is music all night, the disco is open until the morning. The atmosphere of the rock party is complemented by a corresponding entourage: objects belonging to world stars, musical instruments. And the facade of the cafe is adorned with a huge guitar.

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