Exotic Safari in South Africa
Africa is not a continent, it is a concept. Everyone should plant a tree, build a house, give birth to a son and go to Africa. At least from a…

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Our vacation with her husband in Egypt is safe and not very
Egypt was of interest to me first of all from a historical and cultural point of view, and then only for relaxation. Together we went with my husband in October…

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Political instability in the country as a negative factor in the development of the tourist sphere of the country (for example, the countries of North Africa) p3
Consider the dynamics of tourism activity of the world's population in the period from 1995-2009 pp. As can be seen from the graph, from 1995 to 2000 there is a…

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Top 10 most interesting sights of Tunisia (part 1)

Tunisia is one of the most popular holiday destinations in North Africa. Of course, he is still far from Egypt, but tourists are attracted by relatively low prices, gorgeous sandy beaches and many attractions. The article will discuss which Tunisian historical monuments, masterpieces of architecture and culture should be included in excursions in this state.

Great Carthage. This powerful city was founded before Rome, however, unfortunately, today it has only ruins left, attracting millions of travelers from around the world. So, only underground structures and ceilings were preserved from Antonin’s terms, you can estimate the scale of the building by looking at the layout located here. The Roman amphitheater, grandiose water tanks, the quarter where the villas were located are worth exploring.


Second Amphitheater. An excellent amphitheater is found not only in Carthage. The town of El Jem is ready to acquaint with its unique structure. At one time, it was the third largest. Today, foreign guests have the opportunity to be in the role of a spectator or to introduce themselves as a mighty gladiator standing in the arena. A walk through the underground premises of the Roman amphitheater in El Jem will reveal the cages containing formidable animals. At the end of summer, grandiose music festivals are held here.

Amphitheater in El Jem

Walk around the Medina of the capital of Tunisia. It does not do without visiting the main city of the country, most tourists choose Medina for excursions – its historical core. Narrow streets, a lot of tiny shops selling all kinds of things, a cafe, from where the breathtaking aromas of coffee come from, have been preserved here. Guests love to wander around the markets, preserving the ancient atmosphere, each of the bazaars is dedicated to a specific Tunisian craft, and therefore you can get an aesthetic impression, stock up on gifts and souvenirs.

Medina in Tunisia

Travel around the Sahara. The Great Desert is located in the south of Tunisia, it is also one of the most visited attractions in the country. Guests are impressed by the endless space filled with dunes, the smallest sand seeping through your fingers, and ringing silence. There is an option to go for a two-hour walk using the local mode of transport – camels. For those wishing to organize trips deep into the desert, their duration is several days. Preserved in the Tunisian desert and cultural monuments, such as the remains of Fort Tisavar, built by the ancient Romans.


Star Wars. Of course, we are not talking about a meeting with aliens, but in Tunisia you can see the scenery that skillful props created for the cult film Star Wars (directed by George Lucas). A walk along them is part of a tour of the Sahara, but by experience it can overshadow everything seen in the state. A tourist gets the opportunity to see with his own eyes Skywalker’s hometown, spaceships, to dress up in the clothes of desert people and even arm himself with a Jedi sword.

Planet Tatooine

The main museum of the country. The honorary title of the main treasury of cultural and historical monuments in Tunisia is the Bardo Museum. Tourists are attracted by the richest stock collections, in the local expositions you can see artifacts dating back more than one thousand years. The complex is justly proud of a unique collection of Roman mosaics, magnificent interiors. More recently, he expanded the exhibition space, so that in the near future foreign guests will be able to see much more of the values ​​of world culture.

Bardo Museum

Catholic shrines. At one time, Tunisia happened to be in the role of a French colony – in memory of those events, religious buildings were preserved here. One of the most beautiful is Saint-Vincent-de-Paul, a Catholic cathedral located on Habib Bourguiba Avenue, in the capital. It impresses with its appearance and interiors, here you can see old frescoes of stunning beauty, narrow Roman-style windows and bright stained-glass windows. Here is the organ considered the oldest in Africa.

Saint Vincent de Paul Cathedral

The color of Africa. La Gulette is another place for travelers, unfortunately often overlooked by them. This name is the local port, for many guests it is only the starting point to the Tunisian monuments of ancient history. But it is also easy to see the ancient fort, the main attraction, the authentic beach, visit local restaurants where they cook amazing fish, and just plunge into the colorful local life.

La gulett

A monumental monument of military history. In the town of Houmt Souk, a magnificent fortification has been preserved – the Gazi Mustafa fortress. Arabs erected it in the IX century to protect against pirate raids. True, even it could not always withstand the onslaught of sea robbers. Today, fortification is one of the main attractions of the island of Djerba, it looks amazing in the rays of the setting sun, as it is made of sandstone. Walk on the serfs…

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Political instability in the country as a negative factor in the development of the tourist sphere of the country (for example, the countries of North Africa) p3
Consider the dynamics of tourism activity of the world's population in the period from 1995-2009 pp. As can be seen from the graph, from 1995 to 2000 there is a…


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