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The most popular resorts in Egypt

When it comes to the resorts of Egypt, many of us can argue that relaxing here is quite comfortable. Egypt as a country is interesting to most tourists and vacationers in that everyone can get acquainted here with many artifacts of ancient civilization and the rich historical and cultural heritage of the Egyptians. Egypt is also good because summer lasts all year round.

It should be noted that the important fact is that vacation prices are relatively low and affordable for a wide range of tourists. You can get acquainted with the prices and submit a request for the selection of a suitable tour on the travel agency’s website “Anex-tour” here.

Sights of Egypt. The list of the main attractions of Egypt includes the famous pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, the Valley of the Kings, the temple of Hatshepsut, Karnak temples, temples of Abu Simbel and the main repository of the country’s historical heritage – the Egyptian National Museum. You can study this issue in more detail by reading an article on our website: “The main attractions of Egypt.”

Red Sea Resorts
One of the most popular Egyptian resorts is Hurghada. There are many modern hotels, clubs, discos, shops and boutiques. The resort has all the conditions for recreation for young people, as well as for couples with children. Most beaches have a very convenient entry into the sea.


Near the Hurghada is the port city of Safaga. The sand of its beaches has healing properties, and it is always quiet and calm. In the cozy sea bay between Hurghada and Safaga, the city of Makadi Bay is located. On this resort town there are many sandy beaches, sports fields, fitness centers, discos and other entertainment attractions.

El Gouna
To the north of Hurghada is the resort of El Gouna. The resort area is located on islands interconnected by pedestrian bridges. All beaches on El Gouna are of artificial origin.

El Gouna

Sharm El Sheikh
Among the most beautiful resorts in Egypt – Sharm el-Sheikh (or Sharm el-Sheikh). Here you will see amazingly beautiful coral reefs, thickets of mangroves, colored canyon and granite mountains. This is a real paradise for divers. This resort is designed mainly for youth recreation, although couples can also relax. Here, discos, clubs and numerous bars work round the clock.

Sharm El Sheikh

In the south of the Gulf of Aqaba is the resort of Dahab. This place is for lovers of water sports – diving and windsurfing. The beaches here are covered with sand with a significant admixture of stones and the sea has a coral bottom. In the north of the Gulf of Aqaba is another resort – Taba. But it is significantly different from its northern neighbor, it is quiet and calm. The city itself is located almost at the very border between Egypt and Israel. There are beautiful sandy beaches and amazing beauty of the lagoon.


Ain al-Sokhna
For the perfect vacation for couples with children, the resort of Ain al-Sokhna is suitable. The beaches of the resort have pure white sand, which is very much appreciated by vacationers and a very convenient entry into the sea. In addition, there are many thermal springs.

Resorts in the Mediterranean
On the shores of the Mediterranean Sea are resort areas and cities that constantly attract tourists. Of these resorts, Alexandria and Mersa Matruh, where there are excellent sandy beaches, should be noted. The city of Port Said is also located here. By Egyptian standards, this is a very young city. It is a modern industrial center of Egypt, and at the same time a resort. Like Alexandria, this city is considered the “sea gate” of Egypt. Sea liners that will pass through the Suez Canal often stop at its port.

Port Said

Other resorts in Egypt
On the shore of the Suez Canal, in its western part, is the resort town of Ismailia. It is especially popular among residents of Cairo. Here you can always see many flowering gardens where rare species of trees and flowers grow. There is also a lake where crocodiles live.

On the southernmost part of Egypt is the city of Aswan. Near the cities of Cairo and Suez is the resort town of Zafran. The resort is notable for the fact that there are two religious shrines of the Christian world – the monasteries of St. Anthony and St. Paul.

The best time to relax in the resorts of Egypt
Visit Egyptian resorts almost all year round. You can swim both in summer and winter. Resorts of Egypt are located in the subtropical zone, so it is hot in summer and comfortable warm temperature in winter. In Egypt, the hottest month is June, and the coldest January. Therefore, if you are going to relax in Egypt in the winter, then the coast of the Red Sea will be the most comfortable place to relax. The ambient temperature at this time is in the range + 23-25ºС, and the temperature of the water in the sea reaches + 19-21ºС.

If you are going to relax with your children, you must take into account the fact that from mid-June to mid-August in Egypt there is a lot of heat. Such heat is difficult to endure even for adults, and this must be taken into account.

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